Industrial IOT

Use your machine data to drive business decisions

IIOT Platform

Rapidly get your devices connected. Platform provides out-of-the-box support for common connectivity protocols and is supported on all operating systems, including real-time operating systems. Manage your devices and its policies from the platform. Get started with a few devices and quickly scale up to millions and let the platform do the heavy lifting. Leverage Edge Intelligence for extreme scale and fast response times.

Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence provides rapid connectors to integrate plant data from all your disparate plant-floor systems. Collect data from machines, existing SCADA and DCS systems, Enterprise Data Historians and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to a single repository that provides a unified view into all your manufacturing operations data.


Edge provides rapid connectors to common connectivity protocols like OPC-UA, Modbus, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi so that your devices can quickly connect. Build your own connectors by writing custom plugins. The edge uses an SHA 256 key based authentication over TLS1.2 to ensure security.


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